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The act of a white man dancing very closely between two black men in a club.
What happened at the club ther other night?
Not much. Firann, had a chocolate sandwich.
by LaneG August 20, 2009
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Someone who has had their sideburns shaved very high, or shaved off completely
What happened to his sideburns?
Someone gave him a high-side rider.
Was he asleep at the time?
No, he thinks it looks good.
by LaneG July 5, 2011
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A condition which causes the sufferer to habitually lie without cause or reason. May derive from a nervous compulsion to ocassionally impress certain social groups but can soon evolve into daily habit.
"If you do anything for 21 days in a row you automatically become addicted to it."

"You want to get that Bullshititis seen to - I can see skid marks round the side of your mouth."

by LaneG March 6, 2009
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Having your Whatsapp message recipient access their Whatsapp, but not ready your message.
"It clearly states he was 'last seen' at 10:15 this morning, but I've only got two grey ticks." "Looks like you've been Whatslapped."
by LaneG June 8, 2018
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