5 definitions by LUEser

Phrase which originated from the "Attention Whore" animation.

Means "Hello, want to have anal sex?"

Currently a fad catchphrase on LUE.
LUEser: Y helo thar, butsecks? LOLOLOL
Woman: If you come near me again I'll fucking call the cops.
by LUEser February 20, 2004
CNet has fucked over GameFAQs again with their hellishly ugly new board layout.
by LUEser April 28, 2004
He is a freak that thinks he knows everything but knows shit even about himself. He needs to FOAD!!!
by LUEser March 19, 2003
The God and Webmaster of Gamefaqs. Infamous for being a total fucking commie.
So, yesterday, Ceejus like totally killed my wife.
by LUEser March 10, 2004
Piss poor town in Birmingham where a variety of townie shit heads live. Breeding ground for no-hopers.
Man: Kingstanding is a shit place to live.
Townie: Lend me five pence or I'll fucking spark you out, matey.
by LUEser February 20, 2004