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The last name in a pair of names, used mainly for people's names.
Jack Michaelson's surname is Michaelson.
by LRS November 14, 2004

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Mis-spelling of fuck.
Because of the prankster who screwed up the letters on his keyboard, Joe kept on writing "dyxj" instead of fuck.
by LRS November 14, 2004

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1. One of the many synomns for a female's vagina.
2. Pussy with hair around it.
Lick MAH bearded oyster!
by LRS April 02, 2004

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Creator of many famous webcartoons, such as Weebl and Bob, and the Badgers Loop.
Jonti Picking just came out with yet another kick-ass animation.
by LRS December 23, 2004

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One of the worst possible internet connection speeds availible; anybody who is satisfied with it should be shot.
Yes, I would like to upgrade from my damned 28k connection to a high-speed DSL line.
by LRS November 14, 2004

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A PHP Function that finds the last occurrence of a character in a string
$ext = strrchr($image_name, '.');
by LRS September 08, 2004

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A rather good operating system, however is shunned by idiots who say it sucks, but continue to use Windows instead of switching to another operating system.
"Windows is the worst fucking operating system ever!"

"Then why do you continue to use it?
by LRS November 12, 2004

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