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Springs, the best place in the universe. Located in New York on Long Island. Home to some fine attractions such as Springs School, Barnes Country Market, and.....thats about it.
1)Springs is better then East Hampton and montauk
2)I hate Springs kids, they all suck
by LP May 26, 2003
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person cooler than u
ppn <3 ko
by LP April 07, 2003
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1. a person who is cooler than wolf
1. ppn > wolf
by LP April 07, 2003
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Abbreviation for bipolar disorder. Further specification may be added to the diagnosis with roman numerals I through VI.
"She's been diagnosed with BP II."
"Ahhhh. THAT explains it."
by lp March 24, 2005
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Montauk, New York

not as cool as SPG
MTK is not a cool as SPG
by LP May 26, 2003
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1. A person who has no life, no skills, no brain and no clue.
2. A term used commonly around the world to describe a person who is hated by ALOT of ppl. Also see faggot, homo, dick head, retard, fucktard, moron, racist, asshole and idiot
3. A fucking gimp who hangs around TFC league forums complaining about rules of the league he doesnt even play in i.e. someone with absolutely no life
1. "Fuck I hate that stupid cunt Onslaught with an absolute passion."
2. "Fuck ur being such an onslaught today Darrin, stop being sucha fucking dick and die already."
by LP April 07, 2003
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acronym for Viet Cong University
man, them VCU muhfakkas jumped outta them trees and stuck a AK 47 up my ass yo!
by LP September 16, 2003
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