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1.The harmonic behavior brought on by extreme amounts of mexican foods.
2.The flapping of the anus in an a barrage of melodic overtones.
1. Dude, can you please stop with the buttsymphony?

2. How many concerts can your buttsymphony play in one sitting?
by LORD J April 29, 2005

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(n)A large female mammal that walks upright on its hind legs in clothing that is uncoftably to reavealing and claims to be sexy. Also see Woozle.
The Florida malls are overflowing with hefalumps, someone should tell the hunting comision.
by LORD J June 21, 2005

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The selected male by any or all females that holds onto every unnesasary belonging that she/they need to bring into the club with them for the evening.
Hey Mark, will you be my pocket tonight?

Just give your Id to Mark, he's my pocket for the night.
by LORD J May 15, 2005

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