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A skenn (noun): one who is lame and goes to bed early even at exciting parties

that can actually be 1) and 2)

1) one who is lame

2) one who leaves exciting parties before they are half over

So being like a skenn would mean being lame and/or leaving parties early.
Don't be like a skenn and put those drugs down, take them like a man!
by LJX November 30, 2004
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Someone who goes to the mall and walks around with no point, usually early in the morning
Look at that moron, he is like a skenn, always coming to the mall and wandering around like a fool.
by LJX December 28, 2005
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A condition that affects MMORPG gamers in which they re-roll new characters whenever they reach the 40 to 50 level range. This is usually due to the player not finding the endgame enjoyable and the player having the urge to continue to play the game as opposed to growing bored of it due to a high level character.
I'm simply in no hurry to bring my character to a point where I no longer really enjoy it. Due to Altoholism I roll new characters every time I get into that mid forties/fifties range.
by LJX November 28, 2005
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verb. to convince someone not to do something awesome because it doesn't fall under the pop-culture definition of "the right thing to do".
Avi was going to get last the other night with a hot jdate but James sb0tinga’ed his chances and now Avi will never be able to touch a woman again.

He sb0tinga'ed Avi's last.
by LJX April 5, 2005
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