6 definition by LFM_75

Killer of memes, also known as bridge.
Pewds: *Claps two times*
Memes: Fuck.
Killer, as I said.
PewDiePie is a killer of memes.
by LFM_75 March 05, 2020

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What I dont have at the time of publishing definitions in here. For real, I get tons of cool fucking ideas and when I log in my brain goes fucking blank.
You got any ideas for UB?
I fucking wish.
by LFM_75 August 31, 2020

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A helpful secret input in Roblox to give you free Robux.

Trust me, it's amazing!
OMG bro, did u kno u can get fre Robux on de gaim by presing ALT+F4?!1!
Rally? Kool1 Im gona go do it1
by LFM_75 March 18, 2020

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What you should be doing right now instead of looking it up on Urban Dictionary.
Come on, go, ya got better things to do.
Im sorry mom, I forgot homework. I was looking it up on Urban Dictionary. I didn't do any of it.
Mom: Oh my god, what did I do to have this dumb of a kid...
by LFM_75 March 07, 2020

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