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Rod is the arch enemy too gronendomen and often attack them beacause they are jealous. they dont have a god and are non belivers. they dont have a main village and live all over the place in small towers.
oh no its the rod are attacking!
by L.bä November 11, 2020
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a village that the gron founded 2020 april 3 were the gron habitated. the village consists of 8 people Jack one of the prophets Ludvig another prophet and alvin sander pellas bruno L.bä who are gron belivers. they say that the sun/god David used to look over the village and protect it from the rod. they also had a church were they everyday used to pray.
Oh look its the village Grondalen!
by L.bä November 11, 2020
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Rods leader ender dragon was the almightiest of the all and feared by the gron people. after many days mining diamonds enchanting and gathering netherite they fought they had a chance. the gron god gathered the mightiest and toughest warriors alvin jack sander bruno pellas ludvig l.bä. they searched for some minutes and actually found it pretty fast they all counted to three and then jumped in with all they had they attacked the dragon while pellas and jack destroyed the crystals for the dragon so it couldnt hea.l meanwhile sander and alvin shot arrows at it and L.bä ludvig and bruno attacked as soon it came down to the ground. after all the crystals were destroyed we all pushed it and attacked it all we could L.bä took some beds a ancient tactic known to be the dragons weakness they all swiped with their swords left to right meanwhile L.bä exploded beds until it sweeped away everybody with its tail .everyone made it but 2 grons were gone we didnt realise the first seconds until we saw alvhn fell of the world octnae fell of the world alvin and sander where dead forever. we were angry and pushed the dragon with our last powers we had in our powers and slashed it we saw the dragon float up slowly dying we jumped in the portal fast to not die by any other rods. we were happy but we were so tired so we couldnt celebrate we made it back to the village with 2 grons lost but rods leader dead we rested and healed up and payed respects to the grons then celebrated our win. The End
Rods förgöring is the most epic battle!
by L.bä November 12, 2020
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Gronarnas was one day attacked by rods creation the wither the grons geared up and fought for hours on hours with explosions everywhere the goal was to protect the village until it was on its last hits everyone rushed but not L.bä and sander the wither exploded and killed everyone around it. loot from everyone was flying around and the last survivors L.bä and sander took the loot and rushed back to the village where david our god had resurrected everyone we gave back the loot and some hour later celebrated.
Have you ever heard of gronarnas strid the most known event in history.
by L.bä November 11, 2020
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Brudopa aka Bruno was a gron fierce warrior who was living in the gron village who came from the future in a van and found our religion and joined it. he lived in his van for the first 2 years later it broke down and he built a house with many hidden pathways and technical stuff he was good at that stuff cause he came from the future were the technology was very advanced. he often helped others with redstone, to advance Grons village/Grondalen. Gron god david was amazed with Bruno's technology so he gifted him with luck. other than that he strip mined for diamonds everyday hoping for full diamond armor so his luck could come in handy. later on his house he built caught on fire he didnt know who it was after some speculation and suspicion he found out it was Sander who burnt his house with a flint and steel after that he was furious and didnt play on the world for a while and people even stole stuff of him which made it even worse but it became not such a big deal later beacause he got over it. hes is a great supporter of gronendomen and even offered skechers to the church and was in the big event Rodarnas förgörelse.
Its one of the grons warriors BrudoPa!
by L.bä November 12, 2020
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New genre created by DJRednas and L.bä Da rapper
Alien type beat is the best genre
by L.bä January 18, 2022
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Fortnite NOOB YOU ARE!!!1111!!!11
by L.bä November 13, 2020
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