7 definitions by Kotschwan-Z

I really dont know what she wants to tell me with that oO?

Me: yay!
She: hierdie artikel is 'een weesbladsy
by Kotschwan-Z July 03, 2021
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Another word for a string-tanga.
Originates from the behavior of farts passing by the string and gettin split in half.
Guy: damn, tanisha is so hot in her new fart spliter! I hope the little fly-by's didnt had to suffer too much :(
by Kotschwan-Z July 20, 2021
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A hard wiener that jumps out of the pants towards a target of opportunity.The trick is to land a hit, unreconaised by the victim so that i cant evade further actions in preparation.
To be clear, its in no way a rape attempt because its all bee's n honey.
Man the stations! Its time to send a cock torpedo to her bow! O7
by Kotschwan-Z August 18, 2021
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A juicy cum tornado is a girl who sucked your joy stick for 2 hours untill you came and now laying in your bed waiting for satisfaction while you sit next door playing operation desert storm on your xbox, leaving her ignored for the rest of the night.
Guy 1: dude, can i come over to your place to play operation desert storm coop?

Guy 2: sorry man.... i have a juicy cum tornado next door.

Juicy cum tornado: FUCK! I sucked your wiener for 2 hours! FUCK ME ALLREADY YOU DICK HEAD!!!

Guy 2: Hmmmmm.... where is this osama bin laden guy?......
by Kotschwan-Z July 20, 2021
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A hot load, delievered by a meat head ,well and comfortable embedded in a sock (usually the right one)
Guy 1:Oh shit ! Dont touch this!!!
It got penetrated by a sock torpedo!!!
Guy 2: doin the "body snatchers" scream
by Kotschwan-Z September 01, 2021
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I white person which pretends to be ghetto but at the same time abuses black folks to cater to his needs.
Like justin bieber and his buttler
Justin Bieber: coud you bring me my crack pipe Jeffrey?
Jeffrey: how i hate this whipwhigger...
by Kotschwan-Z July 09, 2021
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Tourist: man.. i feel so exausted....

Pablo: No problem amigo, smell on this swag powder.i have plenty of it.
by Kotschwan-Z July 04, 2021
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