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The bump that forms in the zipper of mens' pants that is often mistaken for an erection
Girl: Look at that boner
Guy: It's a thumb goddammit...THUMB I TELL YOU!
by Kommander_K May 14, 2009
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To yell a loud word or phrase, in context, and kick someone down stairs or off some kind of edge.
Mary: I want to break up with you
John: YOU...ARE...A...WHORE! *kick*
Phil: Dude...did you just 300 Mary down the stairs?
John: YES...I...300ed...HER! *kick*
by Kommander_K August 23, 2008
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1. To sneak around with detection
2. To kill someone using either a neck snap (preferably inverted) or pulling them backwards into a knife
1. He ninjad his town last night
2. He ninjad the office building on main street, they're now hiring....for every position.
by Kommander_K August 23, 2008
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