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the day everything change..
the final frontier
no retreat no surrender
the frontline is everywhere
by koko November 01, 2004

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A really twisted way of saying 'hey you'
See heya. Use only with close cousins and the like. Can also be a twisted way of say 'hey you all' (hey y'all). Whichever...depens on the prononciation.
'Hia hun, what's up?'
by koko April 12, 2005

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Zohar Argov, the greatest middle eastern singer of Israel. referred to as Hamelech, which literarly means 'The King'.
studio albums by zohar argov:

1977: Hataklit Harishon
1980: Elinor
1981: Haiu Zmanim
1982: Nachon Le'Hayom
1983: Kach Ovrim Ha'Yai
1984: Yam Shel Dmaot
1985: Lihiot Adam

live albums by zohar argov:

Neshama Ve Ke'ev
Al Nevakesh
Bekerem Hateimanim
Ben Bli Ba'it
Bechafla Shel Kochavim
Shar Yevanit
by koko October 16, 2004

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A lame nickname for a dumb dumb poo poo. Someone who is stupid and smells bad (and also is yucky).
Hey, whattup SpecialJ? You smell bad, and you are a dumb dumb. I hear that accountants party hard.
by koko September 30, 2004

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One who is a Jap and a Dego (Japanese and Italian) combined into one fucked up angry short squinty eyes greasy fucker.
Damn Nick, youre such a dirty Japtalian.
by Koko May 09, 2003

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Used to describe a friendly wager between two parties in which it is understood that the loser doesn't pay (ldp) the value of the bet. It is simply a fun bet with a monetary value, where no money exchanges hands.
Ok. Let's put some money on this. I'll bet you $100 that Cleveland beats Washington, ldp.
by koko September 29, 2004

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The pseudonym of anyones name that is not known to you. Also, elf cum.
Elf 1:"Dag, yo. U see that fine bitch over there? Whats her name?"
Elf 2: Oh yea...shes in my math class..her name is Sally...uh...Oopenspoof. Damn, if she wasnt so green, id stick it in her mouth and let her taste my oopenspoof.
by Koko May 09, 2003

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