7 definitions by King_shields

When one of your testicles hangs dreadfully lower than the other like a chewed piece of bubblegum flapping in the wind.
I was playing in a game and got hit right in the nads with a fast ball, now I have funny balls.

I was hangin at the nursing home and half the dudes there got a mad case of the funny balls.
by King_shields February 03, 2018
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When a dirty scrod but bitch asks you if want some head while she's got a mouth full of mac n cheese. A new meaning to the phrase extra cheesy. Typical preformed with Kraft or Velveeta.
This one nasty bitch shaelynn asked if I wanted a mac n cheese deluxe, I almost puked.

Austin was asked if he wanted a mac n cheese deluxe after school, so he ran to the store and bought 3 boxes of Kraft for the occasion.
by King_shields February 06, 2018
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A person who is very dirty, smelly, or greasy. Possibly an un-holy combination of the 3.

Basically Someone who is a stranger to showers. Basically it seems as if they were born from an asshole rather than a pussy and when they popped out they landed in a large steaming pile of horse shit and never washed it off.
Dude do you smell Sean's stank ass coming? Ugh he's such a fucking scrod butt.

Bro I was fingering this bitch and when I pulled my finger out I thought she was super wet but no dude, it was grease bro, I thought I fingered a tub of Crisco, thats the last time I mess with a scrod butt.
by King_shields August 19, 2018
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When your slamming a female from behind harder then harambe slams a kid against a zoo wall and you pull out and spray all over her backside
I finally got to bang my girlfriend last night, and I made sure to pepper her tailgate.

She said i had Goofy dick but I still peppered her tailgate.

She asked why I pulled out and blasted her and I said I'm just trying to pepper your tailgate
by King_shields February 04, 2018
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When a man's dick is curved or bent in a ridiculous manner to the left or right looking like an elderly persons walking cane.
My boy Mathew, man his girl said he had goofy dick.

The last bitch I fucked said I had goofy dick and I had to swing my hips to stick it in.
by King_shields January 28, 2018
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When someone says something so unbelievablly retarded and you're so awe-struck that you are at a loss for words. It makes you want to bitch smack them in the mouth
Justin: Dude I just packed a bowl full of roach papers wanna spark it?

Austin: Bro you're cut the fuck off
by King_shields July 25, 2018
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When a person acts all emo and says life sucks and wants to die, has colored hair and wears dark clothes, but still bumps rap music like Xxxtentacion, lil uzi vert, trippie redd.
That nigga Xxxtentacion is the biggest trap emo there is.
All these rappers nowadays are trap emos
by King_shields March 25, 2018
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