6 definitions by Kimo

A devilishly handsome, cool dude who is very smart and loves reading books. If u get to be with him you must be an amazing person. If u don’t want him, then you are just a dumb idiot who has no clue in life. Anyone who crosses his path will simply perish.
“What in the Keamlak are you doing”
“U look like a Keamlak”
by Kimo November 27, 2021
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A cool and kind boy that loves and respects his friends. Can sometimes get aggressive but only when people make him mad.
What in the Keamlak are you doing?!
by Kimo November 21, 2021
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to hang one by their toes until death
erikas about to get morked!!
by Kimo September 22, 2003
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v. to steal, to pilfer, to aquire without the expressed consent of the original owner
We're gonna d'bo the fat kid's bycycle!
by Kimo September 6, 2003
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I needed some skrill, so I started slangin' that yayo powder.
by Kimo November 26, 2002
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