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A really cute little ugly doll, who loves cookies.
by Kiddo May 10, 2004
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A pharse satnding for "what the fuck, man?" Usually used when an individual is intoxicated and his friends are talking to him. It tells your friends that you are to intoxicated to follow what they are saying.
Jay: Hey, wanna go get something to eat, Dennys, Mc donalds?
Jack: ......wtf man......?
Jay: Oh...never mind then...
by Kiddo August 30, 2004
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can be a noun, verb or adjective- one could look/act/be cunt diva
1) an elite lifestyle, lived by spoiled and foul mouthed homosexual male teenegers
see alex ward,

"oh my lord, i was busy getting a manicure, when this total fucking shit hole was in my grill piece and i was like fuck off you cock goblin, i'm too cunt diva for your faggot ass shit!"
by Kiddo February 12, 2004
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1. Noun: The physical and psychic reaction to something revolting or disgusting. May be expressed in a shiver, shudder, or the archtypal skin crawling.

2. Noun: The fear response to something perceived as paranormal. Being spooked or creeped out.
When I first heard about Total Information Awareness, I got the heebie jeebies.
by Kiddo October 8, 2003
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a boy you happen to adore, and all you can do when you think of him is spit out some silly word because he is so cute
"where's my buggaloo??" allison said when looking for chris.
by Kiddo May 9, 2004
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