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A small patch of facial hair grown just below the middle of the bottom lip; sometimes extending down to the chin.
When I saw the pedophile on the news the first thing I noticed was his pedophile patch.
by Kevin587 April 01, 2007
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A fictional town in which all of the worlds noobs come from and are blissful with ignorance about their noobery, (noobish and/or noobful ways).
Ex 1)

Man 1: Hey Babaganoush...that was my coin you just picked up!
Noob: ...huh?
Man 1: *sigh* What's the weather like in Noobville anyways?

Ex 2)
Noob 1: Man we are so awesome, Noobville rawks!
Noob 2: Yeah I know, I feel bad for the rest of the world who doesn't get to live here.
(Both noobs exit to go play Dungeons and Dragons and have their moms make them a snack)
by Kevin587 April 03, 2008
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(Noun) An imaginary hat worn by people who decide to be an extra big asshole on a particular day.

(Asshole Driver cuts you off)

You: "Hey thanks Babaganush, i'm glad to see you put your asshole hat on today"
by Kevin587 February 16, 2009
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A phrase popularized by Mr. T meaning that he feels sorry for you because he is about to beat your ass...
I pity the fool who wants to challenege me to a fight!
by Kevin587 April 01, 2007
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A fictional character in the Mortal Kombat videogame series.

Kung Lao is a former Shaolin Monk and member of the White Lotus Society. In some texts he is said to be the first ever Mortal Kombat winner from Earthrealm, others claim it was his ancestor; "The Great" Kung Lao. Kung Lao is an outspoken pacifist who only chooses to fight when provoked, or when defending his friends or home. His trademark is a razor-rimmed black hat which he uses in combat to kill his enemies.
Example: Kung Lao throws his razor hat at Kano, lodging it in his skull. As Kano lies on the ground convulsing, bleeding from the head; Kung Lao slams his foot into Kano's chest sending his hat flying into the air. Kung Lao effortlessly catches it and places it back on his head. He walks away without looking back...
by Kevin587 March 27, 2009
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