28 definitions by Kerry

I tried To Talk To This Girl But She Was Actin All ICY.
by Kerry October 05, 2003
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Severna Park is full of snobs who think they are rich when in fact they have no money at all, their parents do. Kids from severna park arent worth shit even though they think they are better then everyone. i LIVED in severna park with my parents but the day i turned 18 i got the fuck away from those snobby pieces of shit
by Kerry March 24, 2005
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To be treated disrespectfully by those close to you.
Mike totaly fagged me out when he didn't invite me to the party.
by Kerry October 19, 2003
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A slightly klutzy but nonetheless lovable person.
"I walked into the Coke machine and Renée laughed and said 'Dude, you're such a crazy fish.'"
by Kerry May 24, 2003
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A guy that is prone to rubbing on chicks. This comes and goes.
Was Andrew being a creepy pete?
by Kerry February 13, 2004
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A japanese boyband. The original members are Yusuke Izaki, Hisato Izaki, Yu Kitamura and Kyohei Kaneko. But on Sepetember 2004, Kyohei decided to leave the group and does a solo career. Therefore, they add a new member which happens to be a friend of the Izaki twins, Seigo.
FLAME is a cool yet lacking in releasing CDs band
by Kerry April 24, 2005
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