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A weapon in any game that allows for online play. This weapon will allow easy kills for new players or n00bs. The most common n00b tube is the grenade launcher. The grenades launch out of a tube therefore the phrase n00b tube is appropriate.
nerd 1: OMFG WTF he killed me!!
nerd 2: yh i saw him he was using a n00b tube
nerd 3:i hate n00bs :(
by Kerky July 10, 2008

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the car that master chief drives from the arby n the chief movie.
Chief: My roflcar goes nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
by Kerky July 10, 2008

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this actually means: oh my god what the fuck barbeque
the OMGWTF actually have some relevance to the phrase however the word BBQ doesn't. But BBQ does have a purpose because by adding BBQ on to any phrase it helps to better express the shock, anger or any other emotion.
Nerd 1: I just got a 50 kill streak on CoD4
Nerd 2: Prove it
(Nerd 1 shows Nerd 2 his kill streak record)
Nerd 2:OMGWTFBBQ as if!
by Kerky July 01, 2008

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