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People, like reality TV stars, who believe they are famous, but are really just subjects for the paparazzi
"She thought they loved her for being a star, but really she was just camera fodder to them."
by Kentoonist May 9, 2010
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A click-digger is a person on social media who ask you to like/comment/share their supposedly social-worthy post, all the while proclaiming that most people won't. They desperately hope that they can guilt-trip you into clicking on and sharing their post.
"I hate Norma sending me those guilt-trips about having a family member with mental health issues, saying that she knows no-one will re-post it. She's such a click-digger!"
by Kentoonist June 7, 2014
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Someone who leaps and crawls over every well-intentioned word uttered by those prepared to put themselves out there, all in order to find that one flaw that they can then use to denounce and question that person's credibility. Usually posts their outrage to the web within a nano-second of the Award speech.
"I thought what she said about helping others when she accepted that Award was so brave! What a shame that some Flaw Hound had to point out that she used a term that some people take offence at! Now everything she has said is invalid!"
by Kentoonist February 23, 2015
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The demand for more specific details of someone's ethnic background.
"You said she was Asian man! I need more spethnicity than that! Korean? Chinese? Oh, she's Burmese... is she Chin?"
by Kentoonist December 7, 2012
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A list of things a young couple want to achieve before having children cramps their style.
"Dude, those photos of your surf trip to Hawaii look great!"
"Yeah, Sarah and I have crossed that one off our Sandcastle Bucket List. We have a few things we want to do before the ankle biters come along."
by Kentoonist September 20, 2012
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Alternative and arthouse films that become extremely popular with the public despite not following rigid Hollywood structures and formulas
Sebastian loved Sundance Film Festival, it was full of Hollywoodn't movies
by Kentoonist December 5, 2010
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To "in" an embarrassing gay or lesbian person; the opposite of outing someone. To try to hide that they are GLBT because they are so conservative, usually employed as shock jocks or twisted journos.
"Did you hear that Alan Jones was gay?"
"Shut your mouth! We're inning that loser!"
by Kentoonist September 30, 2012
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