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The best pair of shoes you can get

Originating in 1917 by the shoe company Converse, they were aimed at the basketball shoe market
they didnt really pick up popularity untill a famous basketball player, Chuck Taylor, started using them.

In about 1966 more people started demanding variety in the shoe, for fasion or to match basketball uniforms. They also designed a low-top or "oxford" to be sold, along with the original high-top. Also, some of the shoes sold were laceless, and were instead held up by elastics.

In the late 70's many rock genres adopted them as their fasion style in shoes. Mostly purchesed for the individuality and designs, converse all-stars made a huge come back in the early ninties.

Right now they are pretty much the most kick ass shoes you can get.
Kristal - omg! i just bought all stars
Craig - lol mine are better! they are zebra stripe

In the one show, Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor wears all stars

Ever since i started wearing these shoes, strange things are happening to me. I can run faster then a cheetah, and i can jump real high too. its kinda fun

Chuck Norris' full name is actually Chuck jr Norris. Hes the son of Chuck Taylor but changed his last name when he killed his 10 000th ninja. Norris is actually german for "roundhouse kick master"

I love my all stars. Im going to grow up and go to my brothers house just so i can teach his kids to burp the alphabet. then when they think im their "cool" uncle, ill show them my all-star collection. Ill have about a million of them by then. also i wont have a home because ill spend all my money on those bad boys.
by Keir1063 October 15, 2006
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1) Any kind of situation that cant end up being good
2) Anti-good
1)Mexico + Sun + A cold Drink + beautiful woman = Good!!!
Emo + Prep + Napalm = BAD!!!!

2) Steven Harper
by Keir1063 July 24, 2006
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Now that I think about it, hes actually Irish
Sorry about that. My Bad. Dr McNinja really is Irish.
by Keir1063 September 22, 2007
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Pretty much the best web comic out there
lots of sexy random stuff
like benjamin franklin's clone
computer geeks poseing as mexicans riding dinosaurs
and most importantly
a Scotish Ninja who is also a Doctor and is having troubles with his family, who is also ninjas and they have a hard time accepting that hes a doctor
Dr McNinja is a pediatrician, an Orthodontist and a Ninja
and his secretary is a gorilla, named Judy

his life is difficult because hes torn between healing the injured and injuring the healthy
by Keir1063 September 29, 2006
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probably the most retarded show ever
not funny at all
making interchangeable jokes about celebrities and events that have nothing to do with the story line is not funny
i wish it had stayed off the air
peter - so loise i forgot to take out the trash
loise - peter thats very bad
peter - you think thats bad? remember the time i went to a britany spears show dressed goth

*scene showing peter getting his ass kicked by a bunch of preteen girls*

peter - now that was bad... what were we talking about?
loise - you forgetting to take out the trash, and how bad it is
peter - you think thats bad? remember the time that shitty show, family guy, was brought back for a third season?
by Keir1063 September 11, 2006
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*Yoshi walks up with Mario and some sweet beats playin*
Peach - Mario! You're ride "be pimpin"! Stick you're "jimmy" in my "handle yo"!
Mario - Mamamia! Sorry "Biatch"! "That aint" how I "roll"! Now if you will excuse me I will be there "trippin" on "shrooms"
*bwap bwap bwap*
by Keir1063 August 12, 2006
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