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The only disease which people can be yelled at/criticized for.
You may here someone yell "Damnit, you're an alcoholic!" but you'll never here someone say "Damn you, you have Cancer!"
by Kazera August 22, 2006

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Contrary to poular belief, gangsta rap is not the only type of rap. There are many sub-genres, such as alternative rap. Alternative rap or Underground rap is defined as a culture rather than just a musical genre. Underground rap and hip hop includes the various arts of turntablism, sampling, producing, breakdancing, visual art, graffiti, spoken word, beatboxing, freestyling, cyphering, and more. The music itself is distinguished by artists who are not promoted by major record labels, often because of their experimental musicianship and lyrical content. Many underground artists are also using hip hop to successfully communicate issues of social justice, global and political change, and collective consciousness. Underground hip hop beats are often characterized by the fusion of loops sampled from all genres of music, including classical, jazz, funk, rock, and punk. Although some listeners may associate live instrumentation with alternative hip hop, this distinction is invalid because mainstream rap acts such as J-Kwon use live instruments as well. Underground hip hop artists generally do not achieve the same level of financial success that commercial rappers achieve, although their work is often critically acclaimed.

Artists labeled as "alternative hip hop" musicians usually record and perform in styles that are more closely related to the original concepts and styles of hip hop music and hip hop culture, as opposed to their more popular commercial counterparts. DJ Kool Herc once said in an essay about hip hop, that "it's not about keeping it real. It's about keeping it right." In this sense, many would argue that alternative hip hop might not be so much an alternative as much as it is a continuation of the original concepts and ideals of hip hop.
MF Doom and Non-phixion are prime examples of alternative rap.
by Kazera June 14, 2006

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The worst sub-genre of rap there is. It condones violence, use of recreational drugs, racism and other prejudices, objectification of women, and hatred, just to name a few things. What's worse is that because most mainstream rap is gangsta rap, many people seem to think that it's the epitome of rap and that it reflects the entire genre. Because of these overgeneralizations, many people miss out on the great music that is alternative rap. Gangsta rappers set a bad example for young and impressionable black kids everywhere. They don't even realize how negatively influencial their "music" is. Gangsta rap- not music, but a desecration of the respectable genre of rap.
50 Cent and Mike Jones are both gangsta rappers. However, they are niether gangstas nor rappers.
by Kazera June 14, 2006

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The level at which people who play MMORPGs realize that they've just wasted a few months of their life playing a pointless game which benefits them in no way.
Example #1: "I just reached level 60 in Runescape. Now, looking back, I know just how stupid it was to waste my time playing it."
Example #2: "I've just gotten to level 60 in World of Warcraft. Now there isn't much else to do. How boring."
by kazera July 10, 2006

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The more informal kind of Buddhism, as opposed to the strict and formal Theravada Buddhism. Mahayana literally means big ox cart, while Theravada means small ox cart, because there are many more people who are informal than formal. Some believe in the teachings and ways of Buddha but do not follow and believe all of them. Many Mahayana Buddhists are atheists and do not see Siddhartha Gautama as a God, but rather a teacher to look up to. However, a Mahayana Buddhist isn't necessarily atheistic, just not as strict as Theravada Buddhists.
Example for Mahayana Buddhism:
I'm a Mahayana Buddhist, and although I believe in everything Buddha taught in his lifetime, I do not consider him divine or godly.

by Kazera June 17, 2006

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The greatest independent/amatuer film of all time. At one point it was hosted on YouTube, but it was deemed too "intense" and deleted shortly thereafter.
Bagman- Partially French, partly English, completely kickass.
by Kazera August 19, 2006

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