18 definition by Kaworu

interjection. Used to express agreement or reaffirm that a statement made by someone else is correct beyond every reasonable doubt.
Kathy: Penny arcade pwnz man.

Wes: Verifiably!
by Kaworu June 30, 2004

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noun. Term for an eighty year old Korean man who plays network Quake & Counter Strike and curses in ASCII.

pronounced: A-zen Ray-zen
Oh man, Kyle, can you believe this is the third time this week that AZN RZN has come into the Cyberblue cafe and fragged our asses off?
by Kaworu July 07, 2004

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1 adj. The quality of having bleached blonde hair.

from the verb "to frost"
Ever since Whit frosted her hair people have been confusing her for a prostitute!
by Kaworu June 30, 2004

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Someone who has flagrantly bleached blonde hair and makes no attempt to hide it or deny it.
Emily doesn't like to admit that that jive-talking frosty can be smarter and more beautiful than her so she calls the gorgeous frosty a "bimbo" to make herself feel better because of course in her mind anyone who bleaches their hair has to be just a "bimbo".
by Kaworu June 30, 2004

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