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A powerful demon that summons itself into the body of a woman once a month for about a week.
Dude, my girlfriend is suffering from PMS, don't get near.
by KaotiK May 31, 2005

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A horrid woman who's voice rings like a police siren and looks older than Cher.
Gwen Stefani tought me how to spell bananas.
by KaotiK May 31, 2005

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A fat girl that hides behind her computer because shes too busy eating twinkies like a fat fuck to do anything else with herself. Will try to be cocky until you call her fat.
#toronto on efnet
by kaotik February 06, 2003

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Best band ever. When you think of punk you think of NoFX
Dude! Did you go see NoFX???!?
Yes!! They r0xx0red my s0xx0rs!!
by KaotiK May 23, 2005

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Lagolier (noun) (Lag - Oh - Leer).

One who joins a server, lags it up so bad you get disconnected, then quickly leaves.

Ban the lagolier before he disconnects us! Quickly!
by KaotIK June 06, 2006

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The system used in games such as Doom 3, Counter Strike: Source, Half Life 2, Battlefield 2, and so on. The system gives movement as if it would move in real life.
The havok system kicks ass.
by KaotiK August 19, 2005

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The letters and symbols that trick messenger proxies. ·$ followed by a number ( 0 - 22 )is a projex that changes the color of your nickname on MSN, and ๑ is a projex that increases the size of your nickname and font on MSN and Xfire messengers.
&#3665;·$3 <meh> says: My projex pwn.
j00 says : rgr tht
by KaotiK August 04, 2005

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