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A population of college students which has several different sects:

1. Private Accounting Aspirants - These students plan on pursuing careers in private industry. They typically are well rounded and have personalities.

2. Small-Public Accounting Aspirants - Usually, these students want to make as much money as they can, anyway they can (i.e. whores). These students are a monolithic population, and tend to not speak up in classes or have original opinions (i.e. drones).

3. Big 4-Public Accounting Aspirants - This is the smallest faction of the three. Usually full of pompous windbags who believe in their own superiority based upon the sole fact of their employer. These are very similar to Small-Public Accounting Aspirants, however much more vocal, arrogant, and egotistical (i.e. assholes). These people tend to become philanderers and white collar criminals
Guy #1: "Hey man, what's your major?"
Guy #2: "I'm an Accounting Major, man."
Guy #1: (walks away)

Girl #1: "Matt is such an asshole, I hate accounting majors!"
Girl #2: "Why's that."
Girl #1: "He totally plagiarized my Psych paper, what a talentless douche bag!
by Kanye Weston May 06, 2011
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A town in New York State, a suburb of the city of Syracuse.

This town is most reminiscent of the fictional town of Stepford. It is fraught with families with immaculate homes and seemingly perfect families. However, its residents cloister themselves from the rest of humanity and eschew anything foreign or different to them. Parents in this town move here to shelter their children from the true realities of life.

Manlius residents usually possess the following traits:

1. Assholier-than-thou attitude
2. Disinterest in any topics outside of their pissant children
Guy #1 - What's that bitches problem?
Guy #2 - She didn't like that we were talking about Chappelle's Show. A Manlius bitch like her looks down upon his humor due to her racist preconceptions.
by Kanye Weston July 28, 2011
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Blandness incarnate in vehicle form.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear? Jeff finally decided to spend some money and bought a new car. Guess which type?

Guy 2: If I had to wager a guess, I'd say he definitely bought a Toyota. He is about as white bread as they come.
by Kanye Weston August 04, 2012
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