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Illiterate Trash. Chavs are the people that give youth a horrid name, they wear designer crap and unnecessary amounts of jewellery to look cool when it actually makes them look dumber than they are.
Chavs require watering and an excess of McDonalds in order to have a long life.
by Kamete August 12, 2005
Weezer's second album. An amazing one at that but it doesn't compare to their debut album.
by Kamete November 21, 2006
A poor attempt to recreate the original Dragonball Series.
Wow. They even came up with a poor excuse to make Goku small again. Dragonball GT sucks
by Kamete December 11, 2006
A sub-genre of rap people seem to think represents the whole of the rap genre.
Person A: Oh man, I fucking hate rap. It's just about niggas and hoes!

Person B: Yes, If you minus the tons of other rap sub-genres out there, rap is nothing more than niggas and hoes.

Gangster Rap
by Kamete June 5, 2006
lol, cheese
lol, llama
lol, spork
lol, duck
That shit is random!!!!
by Kamete March 9, 2007
A person who is looked down upon for their crimes if they are African American and admired for their crimes if they are Italian
There are no "real" gangsters. Crime is bad either way
by Kamete December 11, 2006