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(1.)The point of not caring about anyone or anything, and if tries to convince you otherwise, you fully disagree using examples. You only say the negative side, as you see the world as: over populated by idiots, and stupidity running rampant.

(2.)The point reached right before the office worker comes in with Molotov cocktails and an AK-47.

(3.)Caused by everything in someone's life fucking them over since birth.
1.)You have a really nice life, glad your creationist parents raised you to par. I honestly don't care though, you can take your faith and intimately shove it.
Because, even if I was to win the lottery, I would just spend it on leveling an entire city.
Humanity is F'd.
(listener):Well aren't you just bursting with apathetic pessimism!

2.)... you have an idea.

3.)Example - Family murder, Siblings killing each other, Family members dying, Failing at every thing you have ever attempted.
by kamel_reds February 14, 2009
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Gold trimmed runite armor, from the MMORPG Runescape.
Street price can be found at Zybez.
Chodemaster5: Yo, that armor is dope, must have costed a fortune!
Kamel_Reds: Just got back from castle pk'ing, this tank ranger was wearing it.
Eagleman483: That's rune (g) noob.
by kamel_reds February 17, 2009
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When someone who like privacy puts 5% tint on every window of their car, but leaves a 1 foot tall line across the windshield to see through.
Many mexicans in my neighborhood have tank strips. They think people frown on them invading and selling drugs.
by kamel_reds May 07, 2009
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Douche Bagged

(Adj.) Douche Bagged: When some one acts like a complete Douche Bag to you for no apparent reason.

When you try to hold a serious conversation, and the other conversationalist is totally opposing.
(guy1)Hey bro I was thinking about joining the army!

(guy2)You're all hot to join after I did, why is that? Don't you have a mind of your own?

(guy)I just lost everything!

(guy2)Well aren't you just a pessimistic martyr!

(guy1 to himself)Man! I just totally got Douche Bagged!
by kamel_reds December 12, 2009
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When you have entirely too many people poking you on facebook, or: the same person repeatedly poking you.
Every day I log on to facebook my stalker is still overpoking me.
by kamel_reds December 18, 2010
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Online Tag: When you have the same friend on 4 or more social networks, or instant messengers, and nearly miss them everytime. Usually this involves keeping the same browser window open, not opening tabs.
You just switch from website to website hoping to catch a minute of conversation.
It's more entertaining than sending emails.
Guy: Hey I finally reached you!

Guy2: What do you mean?

Guy: I was playing Online Tag all morning!

Guy2: Sorry, I was all over.
by kamel_reds January 24, 2010
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Mushroom Booster = Vitamin C
If you feel somewhat suicidal, consider taking a few thousand milligrams of vitamin C with your Eighth.
Vitamin C can higher the affect, and make it hit faster and harder than anyone could expect. It highly adds to the visual aspect as well.

Commence nude hiking in a dark forrest.
Me and my friends pulled a mushroom booster, got lost in the woods, and almost starved to death.
by kamel_reds December 15, 2009
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