9 definitions by Kakashi

The coolest goddam shinobi ever, he is a Jounin from Konohagakure and wicked cool, he is the god in Kakashism.
If you do not worship Kakashi than a barrage of Kunai blades will make there way into your throat.
by Kakashi October 19, 2003
When 4 gay guys stand in a squarewith 2 facing inside the square and 2 facing outside, then they all run to the middle and see where the dongs end up.
Hey sm1tty, lets go get the dirty brit iCu|Sm0kin and the wetback kikz to have us some square fun!!
by Kakashi April 19, 2004
The coolest goddam shinobi ever to roam the universe.
Hatake Kakashi saved many lives.
by Kakashi October 18, 2003
Someone whose "Bratwurst ist rot".
The TWAT-Team of S-F (Tactical Women's Ass Terrorist)
The guy who likes hentai better than normal anime.

Hobbies: Raping Kakashi's, making pervert comments
<+DemonEyesKyo> ie: Hey Tiffany, Your twat tastes of fucking cheese and fish- dont you wash down here?
by Kakashi January 2, 2004
The coolest manga ever and anyone who contradicts me is marked, it is about naruto, sasuke, and sakura as well as their wicked cool teacher Kakashi.
If you don't own a copy of Shonen Jump 2-11 by tommorow then may Kakashi have mercy on your goddam soul
by Kakashi October 18, 2003
A l337 term used for hacked

see also: haxored
someguy: j00 b33n h4><><0rd 0n yu0r pC!!!

by Kakashi February 11, 2004