The one true god is the only god that truly exists. All others are false.

Currently 137 religions claim to worship the "one true god".

Different sects of one religion will argue that they are the only ones who worship the "one true god"

Discussion of the trueness of one's god often leads to violence
Protestants vs. Catholics vs. Jews vs. everyone else for the last thousand years or more fighting each other on behalf of THEIR one true god...
by Sir Henry October 2, 2005
both the name of a popular band and a complete illusion.

there is no one true god (except for the above mentioned, of course). this is, and will continue to be so for a very long time, a very unpopular belief. what if, most religions, we live in a universe with infinite gods, because gods keep making other gods, forever.
can you accept this perspective?

would you be happy to find out your god is not alone?
think about it.
by wokeup2this July 9, 2022