45 definitions by KJ

When you get Fucked up!
I was at the bashment yesterday and got finished.
by KJ March 16, 2005
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To pull your pants down in the back expose your bare ass. Some times used in the bare ass face fart. when a fart is 'bare assed" it allows it to dissapate more rapidly in the air allowing less reaction time in your surrounding crowd.
Man, sams bare ass fart cleared the room in under 4.3
by KJ November 16, 2003
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Short for "sucking the dick" otherwise known as oral sex performed on a male.
"Her voice is hoarse."
"Maybe she was s'ing the d last night."
by KJ March 01, 2005
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n. a person who is sexually malested on a daily basis. Usually ignorant and is sometimes retarded
I got happy with that dader last night. It turned out he was retarded.
by kj April 08, 2005
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A heterosexual girl that acts like she's in to girls at parties or bars. As soon as she gets some booze in her, she'll dance with, kiss, grind, grope any girl that comes along. Usually all this is to attract attention from guys.
"She had one Sex On the Beach, headed for the dancefloor and BAM! Party Dyke.
by KJ March 01, 2005
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refering to lack of sex, can have serious consequences:S:S
stace NEVER kiges kj any :( and wight now she needs it pwetty bad lee oh lee where r uuuu dammit shes suffering from SEXITIS
by kj November 07, 2004
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Something not politically correct and said with a brooklyn twang.
"Damm you paid 700 for a pair of rubber!" that is a sheenisum.
by KJ March 31, 2005
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