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P=Puny M=Men S=Suffer
Dude, watch out! PMS!
by Just some guy July 28, 2003
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notably referred to as the balls.
as my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob, i mentioned "mind the stepchildren."
by just some guy August 16, 2003
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the use of a tampon up the ass to catch any remnants of the ol' hershey squirts.
after frequent visits to the can, i just decided to brown mouse the remaining effort.
by just some guy August 20, 2003
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Some n00b faggot who frequents in LUEChat.

His hobbies contain attempting to be cool, trying to make friends online, and having absolutely no life at all.

If you catch him in LUEChat (which is hard not to, considering he's there 24 hours a day), he'll usually be bragging about his online popularity (or lack thereof) and his slow typing speed.

Avoid this nigger at all costs.
You're a lifeless piece of garbage with no friends and the brain capacity of a retarded parrot? You must be i saved christ!
by Just Some Guy January 06, 2005
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