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a well known newspaper with info about things happening all over the world.
the new york times called today and asked if i wanted a subscription to their paper.
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fuckin nutz, mixed up.
means -- going crazy.
I got high yesterday and when my parents found out, they went nuckin futz
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mackin on the ladies, got tha bling bling, nice car on 20s with a nice system and 12s in the trunk
thats that pimp shit he got goin on
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way tha fuck out in tha middle of nowhere. its part of the united states, but everyone forgets about it.
man, take a trip to alaska and never come back.
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yo kid, we gotsta go to that party tonight, its gonna be off tha hook
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the best =) East coast is all the states on the right side of the country. They live closer to the Atlantic Ocean than the Pacific
I live on the East Coast because I'm from Florida
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