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Jargon; most commonly found among enforcement officers, military, and those in similar circles, including criminals.

Used to describe when a tense situation, usually an operation of some kind, suffers a catastrophic breakdown and devolves into near-chaos, usually requiring violence and/or aggression to restore order.

Likewise, to say something "almost went sideways" means that such a breakdown was narrowly averted.
1) The drug bust went sideways when the dealer found the undercover cop's wire.
2) The bank robbery almost went sideways when someone set off an alarm, but the robbers got their money and got clear before the police could respond.
3) "Man, I hope this chopper patrol doesn't go sideways on us."
by Just A Dude April 03, 2012
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a golf clothing company with a dichotomic brand name, pertaining to lifestyle choice and not beating yourself up for not being perfect. in a world created by the perfection of trial and error its a relief to know that making mistakes is the best thing you can possibly do.
doesnt hurt that a favorite t.v. personailty with unique tastes of a popular american t.v. show happens to be named quagmire. which may or may not be what comes to mind when talking about this brand of clothing.
by Just A Dude February 29, 2012
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those unfortunate idiots who are caught between the reality of existence and the percieved reality their family, friends, associates, or computer software is telling them. a consequence of motivated conditioning towards reward and a separation from individual thoughts about the natural world.
no sense of appreciation or respect for privacy.
unfortunately they are a real pain in the ass to intelligent people.
they will usually mimic in order to achieve their delusional goals.
anyone who manipulates other people to achieve a superfluous lifestyle.

tactics usually include: friendship or some sort of cult or religious believe.
they coast off the accomplishments of harder working people, which would be fine if they didnt turn the world world into a mockery and try to pull them into it.

" we are consultants for insert communication company here because we thought it would be the easiest way to be rich and happy."
by Just A Dude February 29, 2012
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