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The life story a person tells when he or she gets intoxicated. This story is often long and awkward for those listening.
Man, Jenny got so drunk last night I got her entire alcobiography. I totally didn't need to know about her 37 one-night-stands.
by JuniperPaw November 15, 2010
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spefically refering to a process to help with sobriety and wellness, the process of looking for insights about one's life by writing a personal biography including all the triggers, evens, unhealthy choices, situations, damage substance has caused in one's life with the purpose to learn, move on and change. By knowing triggers one can chose not to react to them, by knowing mistakes made in the past one can chose to do things differntly next time.
alcobiography exerpt...
my first memories are of hiding in my crib, trying to be quiet when my father came home drunk and angry... I moved alot and was shy, the only time I felt I could get to know people was when I had a few beers... I lost the things most important to be, did what I swore I wouldn't, came home drunk like my father, now I've lost my kids and partner, job, money... now I need to find something different, make changes or nothing will change for me....
by Health and wellness February 11, 2011
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