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This is the upgraded form of n00b. n00bz0rs is a greater insult than n00b, though if you use it to much, it shall seem as if you are a n00bz0rs to. This term is simililar to h4x0rs.
Tis is teh ^graded form of n00b. n00bz0rs is a ubz0rs diss to thsoe n00bs. if u use that word 2 much, it looks as if u r teh n00bz0rs. I WILL PWN YOU N00BS WITH MY ALMIGHT H4X0Rs!
oh! u r such a n00bz0rs! u just got pwned by that sn1p3r!
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
h4x0rs is the exact same thing as h4xx0rs, but just spelled with one x. Most players of Sc and WC 3 on b.net say h4x0rs instead of h4xx0rs.
l0l, tat n00b got so pwned wit does h4xors.
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
Metallica. The greatest band of all time. Nirvana is close to Metallica, but Metallica is better. (Nirvana rocks, though I like Metallica a little bit better)Metallica consists of James Hetfield, Kirk Hammil, Lars Ulrich, and... it was Cliff Burton, but I forgot the new guy's name. Well, they rock!
Damn, Metallica's Ride the Lightning was the best album ever made!
by JsRf13 April 10, 2005
This is a term when someone is pissed the hell off at someone who had just killed/pwned them. They say this at a person, or a event that has just happend.
Oh, tat n00b is o gayz0rs! he uses those maj0r h4x0rs!

Oh, that was gayz0rs how he shot me. HE USES THOSE FUCKING H4XX0RS!
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
This is the greatest, or best, of something. This term is used when notifying someone about a really cool event, or saying it when him/her has done something really cool
oh didnt u c dat ubz0rs fireball!?1?

man, he was up aginst tat lvl 26 mage, and he got pwned by tat mages ubz0rs lightning strike!1!!!111!1
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
The exact meaning of 1337, just adding the z0rs on the end makes it more 1337. ;)
man! he uses all tat maj0rz 1337z0rs h4x0rs! (This is the first time that I have encountered a triple z0rs in my life. I shall cherish this forever... *sniff*)
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
One who goes for unexperienced players, players that are lower levels than him, or people that are weaker than him, in both spells and attacks.
on diablo !!, eragon. is a friggin PKer! watch out 4 his ubz0rs spells. his sorceress pwns all!1!!!1!!1
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005