The exact meaning of 1337, just adding the z0rs on the end makes it more 1337. ;)
man! he uses all tat maj0rz 1337z0rs h4x0rs! (This is the first time that I have encountered a triple z0rs in my life. I shall cherish this forever... *sniff*)
by JsRf13 March 8, 2005
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-To be above all other "1337" people
I r teh 1337z0r!!!
by Max May 30, 2004
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Simply the word 1337 with the suffix z0r, meaning that you are not just 1337, you are 1337z0r.
I am t3h 1337z0r!
You 1337z0r f00!
by Fred March 20, 2003
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