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A stereotypical word used to describe the supposed speech patterns of the citizens of Texas.
In reality, there are few Texans who actually speak with the hypothetical Texas drawl.
by Jordija January 16, 2004
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abbreviation for nota bene: used to mark something as particularly important.
The party is tomorrow at 8.

NB: Dress in formal attire.
by Jordija May 2, 2004
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Journalist Assassin. Coined on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" during a skit in which Geraldo Rivera reported news from the Middle East.
I'll kill Osama bin Laden himself! I'll be a journalist assassin! A journassassin!
by Jordija December 4, 2003
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An extremely stupid and dorky way to say that someone is artistic.
Hi, I make birdhouses! I'm artsy fartsy!
by Jordija April 1, 2004
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Dur...let's go have a picnic at the cemetary...dur.
by Jordija May 22, 2004
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to laugh hysterically at your own jokes, whether or not anyone else laughs at them.
And then the eagle says, "That's not MY nest!"...sigh. I crack myself up.
by Jordija March 25, 2004
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also what's doing?

A greeting - another way to say hello or what's up.
Joe: Hey Bob!
Bob: Hey Joe, what's doing!
by Jordija May 4, 2004
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