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It can be describing a shitty(bad) situation in the maximum and minimum degree. A situation being a person, place, thing or event.
My roomate Dan is chate!
Oakville is chate!
Rollerblades are chate!
Exams are chate!
by jonnyV April 15, 2004
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This word has direct roots from the word chate. It is someone who commits an act that is defined as chate.
Dan is a chater!
Dan is chater then exams!
by JonnyV September 21, 2004
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This is most commonly used in the pool hall. Thisoccurs when somebody takes a shot not to sink a ball but to setup for his next shot.
A player places the eight ball next to a pocket in hopes for his next shot to sink it. He comments "that was good setuptation"
by JonnyV September 21, 2004
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This is where chate branches out to a distance not known to humans. NOT to be mistaken with omnichate. Infinichate CANNOT be reached but can be approached.
Dan is infinichate!
After that exam, i went to a dark place near infinichate!
by JonnyV April 21, 2005
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This is the verbal level of chate that someone may use to define a person, place, thing or actions chateness. Not to be misunderstood as ones chate-factor.
Dans chateness is far beyond this worlds!
Her chateness is high!
by JonnyV April 21, 2005
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This is a website dedicated to all that is chate. The website is zaphod.homeunix.com. One can check out the definition of chate.
I am interested in the philosophies of chatetheory.
by JonnyV April 13, 2005
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This word describes something that is everything that chate can be that is humanly possible. mutli-dimensional, multi-directional chate.
Dan is omnichate!
Walmart is omnichate!
by JonnyV April 16, 2005
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