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Sidney Crosby is the wizzard of croz
man1-did you go to the penguins game lastnight man?

man2-yeah you know i had to go see the wizzard of croz work some magic
by JonnyHopkins April 20, 2010
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Haveing skills that are more then just average... Madskillz, a person who continusly does things to amaze you, people that may not know this person may think that the things this person does are fluke, but you kno that this person just has Madskillz in pointless tasks, this person also might have Madskillz in meaningful tasks such as, Street Hockey, Drinking, Checkers, Sega Genisus, Finding and Buying Sweet Shirts, Highly Sexual Activities, and things of that nature.
man1-Did you see Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

man2-Yee mang that cat had some Madskillz

man1-I was watching a Bobby Orr tape lastnight man

man2-Thats Legit Bobby Orr had Madskillz!

girl1-i heard that one guy is really good in bed

girl2-does he have a name?

girl1-yeah they call him Madskillz

girl2-i gotta get me some Madskillz
by JonnyHopkins April 20, 2010
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an opening on the body, use your imagination.
-holy man there somthing coming out of that guys wazzoo
by JonnyHopkins April 20, 2010
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nono spots are places boys are not aloud to touch girls or vise versa. a nono spot on a girl is usually located in the groin area chest area and backside, a nono spot on a male is usually not located at all but in the odd case a male does have a nono spot its usually the backside because they dont want to be anally intruded.
girl-hey your not aloud to touch ther thats a nono spot

guy-gosh darn it! god slam it!
by JonnyHopkins April 20, 2010
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