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complete moron who wrecked our nation
by JONNY B June 24, 2003
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The act of accidentally ejaculating on your face while masturbating.
" I totally arnie palmered last night." - I was having a convo w my friend about how
I did that and that's what I was drinking at the time. It fit. I hope
It makes the cut!
by Jonny b December 27, 2013
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Male user of the internet that does nothing but chat all day and come up with lame-ass abbreviations of anything too long for their sub-retarded brains to figure out how to spell.
Quit saying 'lol', ya interfag!
by Jonny B May 05, 2004
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The orifice at the tip of the penis.
Suck it out of my jackhole, ya cunt.

That guy is blabbing on and on about bullshit. He is such a jackhole.
by Jonny B January 27, 2004
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Used to express pomposity or in any situation that it can be invoked.

Comes from Dave Chappelle's show. In context it was and can still be hilariously funny, but the phrase is now one of the biggest cliches of the decade.
"Man, you rock."
"That's right. I'm Rick James, bitch."
by Jonny B April 06, 2005
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