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Someone with a really hairy ass and that you can't see skin for the obstruction of hair.
If I shaved that ass I'd be able to make a Persian rug from it dude!

Total carpet asser...we could open a shop with that ass!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
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A person who wears so much make-up that it covers their entire face and if a area of the neck is exposed can clearly see a line where the clay or make-up meets the true skin. Typically found in Boots fragerence sections and other make-up shops. Also known as "Being Tangoed".
Paul: Did you see that chicks face dude, was it too much make-up or just me?!
James: Yeah TOTAL Clay Face!
Paul: I could smell her perfume from 2 floors up man!
James: I think I brushed by her and a piece of it rubbed off on me.
Paul: You kept the minimum safe distance right...you know that shit can travel to 6 meters if a slice falls off?
James: SHIT!!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
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Ceribral Visual Violent Blinking Disorder; uncontrolable blinking or twitching of the face or eyes resulting in minor muscular pains and in some cases total facial cave in.
Jim: Did you see that guys face he kept twitching
Bob: It looks like a serious medical condition should we try and help him?
Jim: Oh I've heard of it Ceribral Visual Violent Blinking Disorder. It looked like a serious case.
Bob: CVVBD? Well he looked pretty bad, you think h..
Jim: Hes going to die!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
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1) A person with teeth that havn't fully grown out of their gums yet giving the impression they've been hit in the mouth by a machete cutting off their teeth in a straight horizonal line with surgical precision.

2) A person with too many metal piercings in their face looking as if they where too close to a grenade when it went off piercing their face with shrapnel(that can later be melted down to make a machete), making them seem as if they've got a bigger more annoying grin or smile.
Biff: Hey Jeff, this is my friend Heff.
Jeff: Nice to meet...woah dude thats up with your teeth!?
Heff: I've got Machete Mouth Syndrome.
Jeff: Shit dude! You ever heard of Ribena Tooth Kind!?

Greg: Hey dude the chick I was railing lastnight was so wild until she smiled at me dude...serious Machete Mouth goin on there.
Mike: Shit man...did you nail her anyways?
Mike: AWESOME Your sweet man!

Peter: Did you see that guys face? It was full of metal what was wrong with him?
Henry: Machete Mouth...a serious case!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
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1) Name given to unfortunate children born with the horribly diseaseed hair causing the effect of rusty growth on the chin rather than facial hair and the overall colour of rusty red hair.

2) A name given to crap bassists who think they are beyond their own limits, being big-head and just basically crap.

3) A name given to anyone with a serious twitch or violent blink affecting the face. Also known as Ceribral Visual Violent Blinking Disorder (CVVBD).

4) People who are unlucky enough to have the ironic nick-name Rusty and work as mechanics, later changing the name to WD-40 to imply they fight the rust on the metals trying to act like better mechanics.

5) Name given to people with really bad looking cars and thinking they look cool in them, typically Volks Wagon Beetles with blue lights on the bottom looking like sunbeds under them. Also used to checking counterfit bills at McDonalds or Burger King drive throughs.

6) A cunt, idiot, loser or generally stupid person.
Gazzel: Whats up with that dudes hair?!
Mazzel: WOAH SHIT! Thats some serious rusty contagion there man!
Gazzel: I know I thought he was wearing a old rusted army helmet from the scrap yard!
Mazzel: No fake, no fake man.

Kezzel: Hey look theres that bass guy.
Tazzel: Hes actually playing?! I thought if he touched the strings they'd rust up.
Kezzel: Whys that?
Tazzel: I thought thats why hes called Rusty?

Cozzel: This is Rusty.
Rusty: Hey there.
Mazzel: Hey th...woah...whats with th...WOAH! Whats the lowdown with your face man?! It keeps twitching and your eyes keep violently blinking!
Rusty: I....ca...nt....help....it!
Mazzel: So did you get struck by lightning or get biohazardous chemicals spilt in your eyes?
Rusty: I don't really sleep either. My blinks just form into one big session of closing my eyes.
Mazzel: So wh...SHIT Man it looks serious! Can I just look at the floor when I talk because its hurting my retnas looking at you.

Cozzel: Check out that car its a total Rusty! WHAT A LOSER!
Gazzel: Yeah you'd think he'd have a tan by now with that blue glow under there.

Kezzel: Hey look at that dude with ginger hair.
Mazzel: Woah thats so a rusty.
Kezzel: Yeah what a IDIOT!
Mazzel: Totally dude what a LOSER!
Gazzel: Hey what you guys looking...that guy looks like a total cunt!
Kezzel: Yeah totally dude.
Mazzel: To the MAX!
by Johnny Hurts April 09, 2006
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