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The act of grooming, trimming, or sculpting of the pubic area in anticipation of a hot date.
"I need to debeave before my date with that hunky John"
by John X. Tampa May 10, 2008

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High-heeled Flip-flops made with the tall platform of lightweight rubber, almost exclusively worn by girls who look as though by night, they work as strippers.
Check out the strip flops on THAT gal!
by John X. Tampa April 21, 2008

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To leave a spouse/companion because of his/her drinking problem.
Joe and his wife got siparated after his last public drunkenness arrest.
by John X. Tampa May 11, 2008

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An obsequious (suck up) loud mouthed assistant, who serves no observable purpose other than to vociferously agree with and support whatever idea the boss has come up with.
"That Bob is Mister Big's right hand mouth."

Keep in mind this is all in good humor, and I have provided "equal time" for both parties:

Democrats: Condy is the president's right hand mouth.

Republicans: Bill is Hillary's right hand mouth.

TV Version: Dwight ("The Office") is Michael's right hand mouth.
by John X. Tampa April 21, 2008

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