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(noun) Extreme degree of screwup or fuckup or snafu, often linked to fatalities, disease, destruction and no way out. Derived from President George W. Bush, the ultimate source right now of bushups, but he does have relatives and staff and fellow Republicans, and God is not always kind, so the term is not going away.
The Shiite stampede on a bridge in Baghdad, killing a thousand, and caused by too much security, was a classic bushup.
If North Korea nukes Japan, that will be a real bushup.
New Orleans has a bad case of multiple bushups.
by John Marshall September 01, 2005

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Any Republican position that ignores reality. Republicans often support positions that are obviously wrong, and will use Washington spin, paid operatives and the powerful conservative news media to assert that they are correct and that doubters are liberal villians. See republink
Global warming is fiction and we don't need to do anything, ever.
The world really, really likes us.
The war in Iraq is making us safer.
Iraq will become a democracy just like us.
Tax cuts are not a handout to the rich.
Karl Rove is honest and good and would never stoop to personal attacks.
Universal Health Care is bad.
Corporations have our best interests at heart, always.
SUV fuel economy is not important.
Jesus supports Republicans 110 percent. Etc, etc.
by John Marshall August 27, 2005

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A person who only befriends you to learn gossip, and then passes it on. A popular journalistic occupation, but also common elsewhere.
Emily is a real gossip vulture. I told her about Justin and she's ignored me since.
by John Marshall September 01, 2005

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Successful investment technique based on recognizing a bubble or fad before other people, buying early and selling before or soon after the peak. The best stupidity riders monitor PE ratios in stocks and how much it costs to rent in real estate versus mortgage costs, and remember that if everybody is talking about this kind of investment, it's time to sell. (synonym: greed ride)
I'm taking a stupidity ride in San Diego real estate.
Too bad I missed the Google stupidity ride.
Thank you, Martha Stewart, for the stupidity ride on your loser company.
by John Marshall August 30, 2005

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(verb) To massively overreact to the truth, based on Google CEO Eric Schmidt's overreaction to CNET when they showed how much information Google could access by searching on his name. This male diva declared Google would not talk to CNET for a year.
Ashlee Simpson schmidted when a critic said she was a lousy singer.
by John Marshall August 31, 2005

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