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A blunt or excessive force delivered by a leg thrust to the male lower abdominal section.
A kick in the penis.
Shut the freak up or I will jimmy kick you.
by John Holmes January 13, 2004
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no living person could describe it

it is related to istobi

stupi and stupy are synonyms
istupy is red and flies.
when istupy is green, it becomes a tank.
if istupy is yellow, it is sick.
by John Holmes January 19, 2005
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Extra-ordinarily long penis (in excess of 10 inches). A person who resorts to enlargement surgery to achieve such length is said to have a 'stretched' limoshlong.
person 1: "damn that's one long shlong"
person 2: "It's a limoshlong"


person 1: "Care to see my new stretched limoshlong?"
person 2: "no"
by John Holmes May 13, 2003
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A person who likes to put bar-b-que sauce on the penis he is about to suck.
"I like it when he "HavocalGhost's me."
by John Holmes October 22, 2003
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Thick liquid secretion excreted from the tip of a penis during or ending the act of intercourse and/or a round of yule-log tugging.
Man what the heezy!!! She drank a gallon of jimmy juice from a cardboard milk carton!!
by John Holmes January 13, 2004
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To do 'fuck all' when all about you are busy doing work for you
by John Holmes September 18, 2003
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ones personal image or style pretaining to rolling on at least 24's or 4 carots.
Yo Dog, Check my Steezo up in this peace aa'iight
by john holmes April 16, 2003
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