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It's a thing that streamers say to people and say that it's free money for them and its literally free but it is a subscription and u just get jewbaited.
Tommyinnit said to buy Twitch Prime now I'm jewbaited
Dream ur a bitch for advertising Twitch Prime
by Joewypak October 15, 2020
Institutions created by the government to occupy students and give an excuse to treat students as prisoners. Schools require you to wake up early or else your mother (A fucking prison guard) beats the shit out of you. Also, you need to eat literal shit and take evaluations in life that doesn't help anyone. If you try to be a rebellion to this cause or your grades for CUM (Creative Unnecessary Motherfucking-shit) are low, you literally get executed by a firing squad that is directed by parents, teachers, and your anxiety. You can escape when you become 18 or 19 depending on the region your prison is located.
by Joewypak October 15, 2020
Worship and Prayer
Started becoming viral in 2020 (Yay for religious people)
Hey kids, did you do your daily WAP?
If you WAP, you go to heaven
by Joewypak October 14, 2020