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The act of pooping and peeing at the same time
Joey: "Yo davis what is taking you so long in there!?"
Davis: "Hold on dude I'm taking a huge poonoku."
Joey: "Oh, gotcha."
by JoeDaves January 06, 2010

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A t-shirt that is placed over a hoodie.
-Hey why do you have a tshirt over your hoodie?
- Dude, its the new style. I call it a tswoodie
by JoeDaves January 24, 2010

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P-Ave is a gang affiliated group filled with some real badass kids.
It is advised not to mess with this group, you could easily get hurt.
They run the streets of Padua Avenue so if you are seen around there roaming, make sure you have your nine on you or else P-Ave will mess you up
Jake- "Dude, we cannot walk down that street."
Joey- "Why not, its a shortcut?"
Jake-" Dude P-Ave runs this area, I don't want to get messed up."
Joey-"Oh yeah I totally forgot, yeah, lets go the long way."
by JoeDaves May 18, 2010

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