19 definition by Joe Rodolico

Singing without a live orchestra or band. Originally meaning "without orchestra," it is a combination of Japanese "kara" meaning "empty/bare-handed" as in "karate", and the "okee" sound from the first syllable of "orchestra" as pronounced by Japanese.
The guy who thought up karaoke created a bar owner's dream, because as patrons provide their own entertainment by singing along with a machine, management saves a fortune by not hiring talented musicians.
by Joe Rodolico February 09, 2007

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A redundancy in military jargon signifying the exact hour for an operation to begin. Big "H" for "big hour".
The invasion of the enemy held island began at H-Hour, 05:00.
by Joe Rodolico February 08, 2007

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World Depression One. What the world will experience in the coming years, if the global financial meltdown is not stopped.
No one could have imagined that the great prosperity of the early part of this century was just an illusion and would end in WDI (World Depression One).
by Joe Rodolico November 05, 2008

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A woman selling betel nuts(Areca catechu)from roadside stands in Taiwan. The women may vary in appearance from sexy and scantily clad to conservative and matronly. Also known as binlang beauties.
Stanley almost rear-ended the car in front of him when he stared at a betel nut beauty in a microskirt instead of minding the traffic.
by Joe Rodolico January 13, 2008

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A sudden die-off of the bee population in a hive or colony. Blamed on cell phone radiation. Abbreviated CCD.
Beekeepers where shocked and stunned, when they learned, that their once thriving hives, had been emptied due to an occurence of colony collapse disorder.
by Joe Rodolico April 25, 2007

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