a funny little it with a mild sense of humor. usually has some artisitic abilites and has a tendancy of making others feel a bit awkward.
Oh stop being such an ainsworth!
by Hitlerduhm April 15, 2009
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a loving, caring person who watches out for people. they can get a little crazy sometimes but know how to have fun. commonly used as a last name.
oh that’s the ainsworth family, they’re a little crazy sometimes, but they’re hella fun!
by blubbla March 12, 2019
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a Tumblr famous girl who thinks she better than everyone else because Aly likes her. she bashes on everyone and blames other people for her problems, she's an "Aly wannabe" and thinks everyone sucks if they don't have a rabbit.
person 1: omg, i can't believe people are hating on leslie ainsworth!

person 2: lol, i think she deserves it she treats everyone like shit.
by tumblrfamousbitches October 4, 2012
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A high school located in Flint, Michigan. A cesspool of thots and of white people who think that since they go to a primarily black school they that they can say the N-Word
Aye man you can’t say that word

Nah it’s okay. I go to Carman-Ainsworth High School
by aye watch this shit November 18, 2019
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Marcus Ainsworth, a small creature.

He has a bad taste in music and thinks converse trainers are the best. he also this mousekat is amazin < honestly wtf ???
And he likes cheese
Marcus Ainsworth
by i like cheese do you ?? December 27, 2011
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Very well known local celebrity in Poughkeepsie, NY. Noted for her short height, sociopathic tendencies, and exceptional skills in addressing people as if they are elementary schoolchildren. May be used as a noun or verb.
E.g., v. "I just Beth Ainsworthed my boyfriend because he didn't do my homework."

n. "Beth Ainsworth just spilled coffee all over herself, and is now forcing a college student to clean up her mess."
by TheMeek October 9, 2013
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