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when a man squeezes a womans tits together forming an oraface for him to fuck (also see money shot)
she was on the rag so i tittie fucked her
by joce November 08, 2002
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the word that boyfriends use way to frequently in descriptions involving: how they feel, how you treat them, and how things work
how are you feeling right now?
what do you want to talk about>?
-how shitty things are
what about this cd?
-its shitty
by joce November 09, 2002
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a female that is completely hideous, but lots better the drunker you get... she becomes beer goggles at the state where you are so drunk you actually want to fuck her
this girl was way fine, but when i woke up next to her the next morning i realized that she was just beergoggles.
by joce November 10, 2002
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Something of greatness
"Her ass is phatty", or "Thats phatty"
by Joce November 08, 2002
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ejaculation of a man into a womans eye
it was the best tittie fucking session ever, so i couldnt settle for the pearl necklace, i had to give her the money shot
by joce November 08, 2002
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