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all your so-called friends who turn around and screw you over
Until second semester our group of friends was close until everyone started dating each other, we found out who the REAL backstabbers were, thanks you guys.
by jlo June 16, 2003
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current state of being, of the average frenchman.
pierre is completely overwhelmed with pussiofious feelings toward the iraqis.
by jlo June 13, 2003
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When both parties are simultaneously guaranteed satisfaction.
By engaging in a 69, both me and my girlfriend were mutually assured a wild climax.
by JlO September 05, 2003
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some one who helps out in the band room when the director does not have a class usually doing sexual acts for him
she is a band aid you know what she does under the desk.
by jlo January 14, 2005
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the cottage cheese looking substance that jiggles around by your fat sections
Ugh dude look at the chicks cellulite on her ass, gross!
by jlo June 14, 2003
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