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The further systematic governmental and artistic exploitation of the suffering of millions of jews through pop-culturization of their ancestor's plight.
There's no business like shoa business!
by Jimminy Cricket April 23, 2003

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what to call sumone while in a trance of snoop talk also not insulting to the person said to.
"fo shizzle ma nizzle you be actin lizzle a bizzelizzlenotch when you on that wacky tobizzacky"
by jimminy cricket November 24, 2004

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one who whores themself to sleep
You, sir, are a sleep whore.
by Jimminy Cricket November 01, 2004

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the akronym for the Insane Clown Posse

One of the greatest groups in the world
"man did you hear that new song by ICP" "hell yeah bizzitch that shizzit was off the dizzle lot"
by jimminy cricket November 24, 2004

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A social class of guido's and child molestation victims banded together, most frequently characterized by their spikey hair, sun tanned bodies, and acid washed jeans. They are the ultimate in cool and are known to give the best blow jobs and rim jobs out of any other Fraternity.
1) A Collection of Dildos

2) Christian
by jimminy cricket March 28, 2005

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