6 definitions by Jim Beam

A mistress. Often used in the HBO series "The Sopranos". Presumably of Italian origin.
"If my wife finds out about my goomara I'll be in serious trouble."
by Jim Beam July 18, 2003
A cow blessed by a high priest
I bless this cow...(as a priest dips him in holy water)
by Jim Beam May 31, 2004
If you ever meet someone from "long island" or "the island", do NOT let them lead you to believe that they are from "the city". Long Island is an outlying suburban area of NY, dont be fooled into believing they live in a cool, hip, "gangsta" high-crime urban area. LI is rural and in the middle of nowhere, it's like this rich little pussy town with lots of dirtyass beaches. THe people are snobs and think they are from the city just because they lived in Floral Park queens until they were 2.
Long Island is a sterile land. It's a joke i laugh when i have to go out there from the city, all the stupid japs and wannabe tough guys from gay upstate places like huntington (that's like 3 hrs from the city)
by Jim Beam February 24, 2005
A wanna-be, someone who desires to earn money for playing computer games i.e. Schroet Kommando, but because they desire this so much it creates a bitter hatred inside them for their fellow men and they start to use words such as nub, nubje or even noob. Sad I know...
"You're such a nub for headshotting me" said the pro-gaymer.
by Jim Beam September 15, 2003
The dirtiest of all people. Must be a Mexican. The dirtiest of all mexicans.
The mexitaco came to America via donkey with 19 people on it as two got shot by customs.
by Jim Beam July 15, 2004
one who likes to eat large numbers of ants to get aroused.....Mostly guys that are homoflagans.
George W. Bush is a geffen.
by Jim Beam July 15, 2004